Recipes - #1
Johan Johansson
As a long-time hand-made jewelry fan I can tell this brand is different. First of all, even though the price may seem steep, you should watch their TikTok to learn how much effort these guys put into creating something so elegant yet unique.
Recipes - #2
Kylo Ken
Can’t imagine going on holiday without your backpack. Saved me in Tokyo during the rainy season. It’s able to hold and organize an impressive amount of gear without bulging or coming across as aggressively techy-looking. And what is the most important for me, is that it’s comfortable to sling over the shoulder. Glad I found your brand.
Recipes - #3
Jennifer Jameson
The most comfortable home wear in the world. Period. It is homewear but the quality is excellent. The size is so big it is almost like a wearable blanket. My cat admires the softness of your products and refuses to sleep elsewhere. Seriously, she loves it more than me! If you guys make cat mats, I’ll buy. And every time I wear it, it immediately turns me into the snuggle and netflix mood. Great for winter & cold nights.


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