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Original WhistleStop Cafe Recipes | Premium Marinade | 16-fl oz Bottles | 12 Pack

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  • Made with real Kikkoman Soy Sauce and our own secret recipe of herbs, spices, and savory seasonings
  • No MSG
  • Great with: steaks, chicken, Pork, grilled vegetables, soups, mushrooms, and more
  • Contains real lemon juice
  • Tenderizes meats naturally and adds a rich, gourmet taste to your favorite entrees and vegetables

Our premium Marinade is made with real Kikkomans Soy Sauce and our own secret recipe of savory ingredients. Great on chicken, steaks, pork and awesome to grill vegetables. It adds a rich, gourmet taste to your favorite entrees; and it enhances meat, seafood and poultry dishes, making them especially tender and juicy. The savory flavor is also great for vegetables, soups and mushrooms. And, it has NO MSGs. You’ll love it. WhistleStop Marinade is “Simply... the best!”

12 Pack

Keep plenty of WhistleStop Marinade on hand. You never know when family and friends may drop by and you'll want to serve up some down home and delicious flavor from the WhistleStop Cafe.

****NOTE**** Due to the extra liquid weight of this item, an extra $12.98 per case shipping and handling must be charged.

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